By Montana Grant

Posted: March 20, 2022

Hunters and sportsmen that carry weapons for personal protection have a new bullet to add to their armory. The most important thing from a gun or pistol is the bullet. The speed, size, shape, jacket, and mass are what will or will not protect you.

Montana certainly has reasons to carry for personal protection. Grizzly bears, lions, wolves, black bears, and other dangerous critters may need to be addressed.

Black Hills ammo company has built a better bullet. Their new Honey Badger is a barrier blind personal defense projectile. This solid copper bullet is based on monolithic construction and a fluted profile. Unlike hollow points, the Honey Badger does not expand. Instead, it uses its speed and rotation to deliver performance. 

With the popularity of a 10mm semiauto pistol, Black Hills,,  developed the 10 mm Honey Badger 115 grain load. The key to this round is penetration and rapid internal damage. These factors are key to stopping a large predator.

Ballistic tests show that a 10mm bullet, will penetrate to 20 inches and cause 5-inch diameter cavities. This 10 mm performance is on par with a .44 Mag. 240 grain hollow point or a .300 Blackout 115 grain copper monolithic bullet.

This unique bullet is available in several popular calibers.

This bullet will bear up to whatever personal protection you may need!

Montana Grant

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