Drought will affect Fort Peck Water Elevation
By angelamontana

Posted: March 7, 2022

Darin McMurry from the US Army Corp had this to say about the spring and summer water elevation prediction,

“Elevation on March 1 was 2222.5 and yes powerhouse releases were reduced last week from 9500 cfs to 4,500 cfs.  I have attached the March 1 lake elevation forecast to show current projections based n snowpack at about 80% of normal on March 1.

Based on forecast of normal precipitation for remainder of spring into early summer, the peak for Basic Conditions at first of July should be approximately 2223.4.

If weather continues to trend below normal precipitation, the lake elevation under Lower Basic Conditions may have already peaked.  Hopefully we will continue to get some moisture through May and June which will allow at least a steady to rising pool through July 1.”

Please see the Month by Month chart by clicking the button below.


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