By Montana Grant

Posted: March 17, 2022

Things that bring you joy! It sometimes takes a lifetime to teach us grand lessons. Many of life’s challenges are only learned by making big, fat, mistakes. Asking a lot of questions helps. Experience is great. Listening to advice from others that have traveled the path is priceless.

Many of us truly love to hunt and fish. We really enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. The antlers, fur, and fins we collect nourished our souls and strengthened our spirits. We really enjoy the outdoors.

These outdoor adventures are enjoyable, but they do not bring us Joy. A lifetime of limits and filled tags is great but not a joyful truth. Our greatest Joy comes from teaching others how to catch the Joy.

Those of you that have helped your children and Grandkids catch their first fish, tag their first buck, harvest their first pheasant, know exactly what I mean. As we evolve as sportsmen, we discover this Joy. All the limits in the world are not as satisfying as teaching others how to do it!

A lifetime of learned skills is a wonderful gift. Talk about the Joy of giving. It takes a lot of missed shots, lost fish, and getting skunked to truly appreciate and understand Joy. If we can share these lessons with the next generation, their meaning will never be lost. Our legacy will not be lost.

The simple act of catching a fish can impart values and excitement that will bring Joy to all. Catching a fish is about limits, rules, skills, tips, tricks, choices, education, and Fun.

The Joy comes when your efforts are rewarded with their success. All the fish you catch in a lifetime are not as Joyful as when you watch your Grandkid reel in their first. Watching your family or friends tag their first critter is the best harvest. Celebrating the outdoors with others is better than being alone.

Catch a Big One!

Montana Grant

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