By Montana Grant

Posted: May 19, 2022

Good Sons know that Mama bears needs some love. Whether it is Mother’s Day, a Birthday, or just a day… great Son’s take momma out for a day afield. 

Some fisherman Sons may take momma for a drift or a day afloat. They bring all the proper food, snacks, and spirits. Moms deserve dedicated attention. Sons were born and physically bred inside their Mommas. Dads got to watch but did not have to do the hard work.

This Mother’s Day, my son demonstrated the proper way to thank Momma for being Momma. He planned a day of shooting and 4-wheeler fun in the mountains. 

Now I know that Dad’s routinely do this with family but… When a son invites Momma out for a day of off-road fun and shooting… that’s even more special.

Kyle filled up the razor, loaded the clips, and cooler and off they went. His narrow wheeler can go where others won’t. They went high into the Bridger Mountains for some target shooting. Kyle’s new guns needed some trigger time. So did Momma!

Shooting is empowering. Pulling a trigger and hitting a target is special. A good Son brings plenty of ammo and lets Momma go to work. Shooting is done safely, responsibly, and most importantly together.

Special Bonds are built when quality time happens between children and their parents. What parent would not want this experience. Time together is why we have children. Family is stronger when on target, off road, and adventuring in Montana!

Lock and load!

Montana Grant

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