By Montana Grant

Posted: May 19, 2022

They say that if you don’t like the weather in Montana, just wait a few minutes and it will change. A few months ago, the Forest Service, firefighters, and fishermen were all squawking about a drought Summer due to low high mountain snowpack. The latest SNOTEL chart tells a different and updated story. 

Montana’s more recent precipitation has made the valleys green and the mountains well snow packed. Some normally snow free local mountain destinations, are still snow packed. The lakes are still ice covered. This is the case for a popular Hyalite Lake near Bozeman. Most of the higher altitude roads are still impassable. Campgrounds are full of the white stuff, rather than campers.

This is all great news for the future camping and recreation over the summer. We have not even begun to see a Spring Runoff. Lakes like Canyon Ferry are way low and boat ramps are high and dry. This will all change in a few weeks and there should be more water lasting over the Summer.

Currently, the mornings are keeping the rivers cool, higher, and clearer. They are beginning to run higher and are more off color as the day warms. The Gallatin River, for example, has been clear in the morning and gradually rises and discolors as the day wears on.

Last year, we had several inches of snow during early June. This should be the case again here in Bozeman. Snow is in the forecast for the next week. Farmers may need to delay their vegetable garden planting until the second week of June. Maybe wait and buy the BIGGER POTTED plants to start your gardens, to make up for early plantings.

It is also important to keep any fires, fireworks, and sparks under control when afield or forest. More than ¾ of all forest fires are started by humans. It seems so silly and stupid that we have so many preventable forest fires.

Water is so important to all life.

Montana Grant

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