By Montana Grant

Posted: May 29, 2022

Grill Grenades are a new favorite! Master grillers are always coming up with a new something to throw at their grill guinea pigs. This recipe can be personalized and modified in many ways.


1 lb. of ground meat. Sausage works well or you can mix sausage into your meat mix. Spice the burger as you prefer. Worcestershire sauce and Burger seasoning work well.

A bundle of Spring Onions

Breadcrumbs or Panko

Salt and pepper, Barbecue sauce

1 egg



Use enough breadcrumbs to hold the meat together. Form meat balls that fit around the base of the onions. Wrap the bacon over the meatball Grenade by covering the bottom first then wrapping toward the top. Connect the toothpick so that it penetrates both parts of the bacon and goes into the onion. Use tongs to turn and rotate the Grenade when cooking. 

You can also use Ramps if you are from the Appalachians. Hollowed out onions will also work. The bacon wraps will hold the shrapnel together until you serve it. The Onion handle does help with better control when eating.

You can smoke these Grenades or cook them on a propane grill. Try using a grill mat to keep the grenades from falling into the grill. Hanging the onion handles out of the grill lid helps maintain the handles. You can cut the Grenades up with a knife or simply dip them into the sauce and enjoy.

Serve with a BBQ sauce as a dipping side dish.


Montana Grant

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