By Montana Grant

Posted: June 4, 2022

Fishing can mean many things. Some folks just enjoy going through the motions of fishing. They do not care of they catch anything or not. The beauty and tranquility of fishing is enough.

There are many Choices to why and how we fish. This great sport can feed the crew, feed the soul, and feed your freedom. Catching fish is empowering. Humans are Hunters and Gatherers as well as the Fishers of Men. Fishermen can choose how and why they fish. 

Different fish species offer different options. Trout are very popular but not the only choice. Here are some menu options for trout fishing.

Catch and Release

                Kids and Senior fishing only

                No Harvest

                Delayed Harvest

                Urban Fishing

                Put and Take fishing

                Seasonal Fishing

                Fee Fishing

                Tackle/Gear options

Trout fishing requires certain environmental conditions to exist. Cold, clear, clean water is essential. This often means seasonal fishing. When watersheds dry up and get warm in the Summer, trout fall victim to these conditions. Therefore, Trout Season in many warmer and lower altitude states have limited seasons. 

Other species in fresh and salt water are also seasonal based upon spawning migrations, age, sizes, and health. Slot limits, Catch and Release, or other regulations are designed to protect the health and wellness of the species.

Anglers can pick and choose what season, size, sex, or catch that they want to consume or release. This can allow for wonderful fishing opportunities year around. Ice fishing begins the season before the perch runs begin. Then trout season happens. When the waters warm, bass and walleye begin. Other species fill every time of the year offering unique and diverse fishing choices. 

Not all anglers may approve of other choices for fishing. Some trout fishermen only believe in Catch and Release. Other anglers love to eat legal catches of their quarry. Many walleye anglers throw females back and only keep eating size fish of their preference. As long as these fisheries are legal, have it your way. Others will do the same.

Fishing Freedom is Fun!!!

Montana Grant

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