By Montana Grant

Posted: June 12, 2022

Eyewear can be more than just cool looking! Good glasses can help with protection from bits, pieces, hooks, lures, shot, and things that can do real and perhaps permanent damage. 

WE only get one pair of eyes. These amazing organs are the same size from the day you are born until the day we die. Eyes are durable and allow us to navigate our lives while getting to see the world. Once the eye is damaged, you could become blinded. Wearing eyewear is smart, simple, and improves the view. Only Pirates probably like the eyepatch look.

Fishermen, hunters, shooters, drivers, mechanics, carpenters, and lawn gardeners need to wear glasses. How many times have you had a close call and found that something nearly hit you in the eye? The pebble, shard, bug, or spark hit just next to your eye. The lure hooked just under your eye. A piece of clay target just clipped your forehead. We all have close call stories.

The outdoor environment is full of potential problems. Not all these eye attacks are visible. The sun’s rays can also damage the eyes. Reflected light off snow or reflective surfaces can ruin your day. A lifetime of exposure to certain ray’s degenerate, and cause vision loss. Goggles can also be coated to protect eyes from light and impact. This is a good idea when on off road wheelers and bikes.

Imagine being without sight. How will blindness change your life, dreams, abilities, and happiness. Sure, folks with vision issues can survive but at what cost. I had a neighbor that never wore glasses when working in the yard. His weed whacking and mower were always on but never his glasses. Despite repeated suggestions and the gift of safety glasses, he never saw the importance of eye protection. One afternoon, I heard him screaming and writhing in his lawn. A small piece of metal had penetrated his left eye. The damage was severe, and he lost sight in the eye. A standard pair of glasses would have saved the day and his eye.

Fishermen need to wear Polaroid glasses to filter UVA, HEV, and UVB light, all while reducing glare and allowing you to see fish better. Glasses also can keep bugs from entering your eyes. Good eyewear can also prevent sharp hooks, branches, and other things out of your eyes. Modern glasses can be custom, prescription, and look good.

Prescription glasses can come with a bifocal lens that will help you see to tie better knots. You can get a progressive lens or a dedicated magnifier. The progressive style will be more natural. Using a cord or glass strap will allow you to keep your lenses cleaner, secure, r and more scratch free.

Shooters also need to consider eye protection. Pellets reflect, powder sputters, metal can fly, and target pieces can be incoming. Different colored lenses can also help with target clarity and accuracy. Glasses come in plastic or glass. Newer styles are much lighter and durable. Get a pair that really fit your face. This may mean that you need to go to an eye doctor, but the cost and expertise will pay off in the long run. That cheapo pair from the gas station is cheapo for a reason.

See the light clearly and safely!

Montana Grant

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