By Montana Grant

Posted: June 25, 2022

Silencers or suppressors are making more noise in the shooting world. Hunting with quieter weapons is becoming the latest trend. There are certainly some reasons for and against using this latest gun add on gear. 

Modern Suppressors are not legal in all places. Check regulations before using a suppressed weapon. Suppressors are not silencers. They reduce noise, vibration, and recoil. A 30-06 will be suppressed to the sound of a .22 caliber rifle. 


These new silencers protect the shooters ears. Sound is greatly reduced.

Communication between shooters and others is improved

Quieter gunshots reduce noise closer to neighborhoods and development

Animals react less to a quieter shot and don’t run off. This can allow a follow up shot if needed.

Shooter accuracy is improved since recoil and flinch from the noise is reduced.

Suppressors eliminate reflected blast.


Added length to gun. The suppressor will add 6-9 more inches to your weapon.

Added weight to gun. Suppressors weigh around 12 ounces.

Gun is more cumbersome to handle. Navigating through timber and cover is harder with a longer and heavier weapon.

Some people think using a suppressor is unfair and unsporting.

Consider the pros and cons when deciding your needs and wants. You can also reduce recoil and noise using different ammunition or adding ports to the end of your gun or rifle barrel. Ports also help with muzzle control which means improved accuracy!

Aim small, miss small!

Montana Grant

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