By Montana Grant

Posted: July 9, 2022

 Buffalos are racking up their attacks on tourists again this summer. Yellowstone Park and other Buffalo zones continue to pose a threat. Recently 2 more tourists, in Yellowstone Park, were attacked. Most of the Park’s animal and human encounters are between Tourists and Buffalo. 

On a Montana vacation, as a kid, I remember driving back to the camp at night. We had been to a wonderful campfire show and were ready to get to our camper safely. As we drove over a hill, there were hundreds of reflectors everywhere! Before we knew it, our Chevy station wagon was in the center of a Buffalo herd. The reflectors were Buffalo eyes. The grunts and smell confirmed the sad truth. My brother was begging my dad to beep the car horn! Thinking stupid choices is one thing, making them is another. Fortunately, my dad knew best, and we turned off the engine and waited for the herd to pass. It took over an hour for a pathway to finally open.

In almost every Buffalo attack, there is one thing in common. 10 feet! Tourists went within 10 feet of the Buffalos trail. At this close range, Cows will protect their babies, Bulls will protect their harems, and Buffalo in general do not want humans in their personal space. The safety of being in your car is questionable. Many electric and small rental cars weigh less than the Buffalo. If it comes to a shoving match, you will end up in the ditch.

Buffalos must deal with tougher predators than Tourists. Wolves, Grizzly Bears, Cougars, and harsh weather are just a few. They come equipped with huge, sharp horns. Their massive hooves can stomp out trouble. Their strong and massive necks can toss a tourist 20 feet I not the air. If a vehicle gets in their way, your bumpers and fenders will take a beating.

Whose fault is it when a Buffalo goes bullish on tourists? Some think that the National Park Service need to do a better job training and controlling the Parks critters. Several roughed-up tourists have tried legal action against the National Park Service for their encounters.

Last Summer, a Biker Chick wearing leather pants boldly traveled where no woman should go. The Buffalo found her a threat and used his horn to remove her leather pants. He then proceeded to roll her biker body in the dirt. Other tourists came to her rescue as the buffalo was wearing her black leather pants on his horn! 

Many Buffalo encounters seem to be aided by bravery in a bottle. Drunks have little or no fear when trying to do the unthinkable. Whether it is to give them a kiss, scratch the buff’s nose, ride them, set children on or near the herd, or simply get closer than 10 feet, these dumb mistakes often end badly. 

Buffalos have the right of way! If the buffalo is laying in the road, campsite, trail, walkway, path, or where you are trying to go, avoid a close encounter. You will never win!

Stupidity puts people and Buffalo at risk. The Buffalo could also get hurt. If a Buffalo gets labeled a Tourist Terrorizer, it could end up dead.

“Stupid is as Stupid does!”

Montana Grant

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