Nearly 200 pounds of morels found in southeast Iowa
By angelamontana

Posted: July 1, 2022

There are a lot of morel mushroom hunters in Montana, as they are like gold to many.  You can find them in many places across the state and particularly in burn areas the spring after a wildfire.  Sadly, Montana has no shortage of wildfires.  The morels are delicious, but they are also beneficial to trees, according to The Hawkeye.

Morels have a symbiotic relationship with trees. The mushrooms benefit from the nutrients trees produce. The tree benefits from the added moisture the fungi draw to the root system.

In May of this year, two guys managed to pick almost 200 pounds of morels in southeast Iowa!  They actually found more than 130 pounds within six hours and went back out and brought back 44 more pounds.  They kept some and made some money on the rest.  You can read the full article by Michaele Niehaus via The Hawk Eye here.

What is the most amount of morels you have ever found in Montana in one outing?

Photo credit: Jimmy Johnson
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