By Montana Grant

Posted: July 16, 2022

Fishermen have simple needs. Quality, new, or fish gear is an easy way to a fishermen’s heart. We never have enough rods, reels, hats, lures, accessories, or casts. Fishing is a healthy addiction that can only be treated with new goodies and never cured. 

Recently, I have been taking kids fishing and was looking for some newer kid friendly gear that can survive backwards cranking, fewer tangles, a decent drag, and still catch fish.

For my reel choice I ordered a new spinning reel off Amazon. The Daiwa ultralight SS 700 Tournament is a durable and excellent choice. I have nearly worn out a couple of the past decades. Fortunately, parts are available, and I keep the well-used reels running. The new reel is so smooth, has an awesome drag, minimal springs, or parts to break, a machined spool, and ball bearings. The folding handle is a nice feature. 

This reel has landed trout and other fish over 10 lbs. using just 2-4 lb. test mono. In Canada I boated a 52-inch Northern Pike on using this outfit. I was vertical jigging jumbo Yellow Perch when Jaws was hooked in the tip of his nose. The drag saved the day. If a reel can survive that, it can survive a kid.

Line is also important. Normally I spool Golden Stren. This visible line allows the fisherman to see their casts/ line/ bites. Quality line will last longer, tangle less, and is stronger than cheapo lines. I prefer the mono for its sensitivity and knot strength. For this small reel I added 4 lb. test mono. Instead of Stren, I am trying a new product from Trilene. This line is super strong, sensitive, solar green and should perform as good as the Stren. We will see.

Whenever I use colored line, I add a small barrel swivel or blood knot on Fluorocarbon tippet. The floro can be the same diameter but almost twice the strength. The colored line is for me not the fish. They get the super clear and strong tippet.

The great thing about fishing are the abundance of choices and selections. To each their own. Use what works for you. Just remember that cheapo gear equals cheapo results. Do your homework and choose wisely. A few extra bucks will pay off in the long run.

Tight lines and Screaming Reels!

Montana Grant

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