By Montana Grant

Posted: July 24, 2022

Pet Poopin is becoming a big mess. Too many pet owners take no responsibility for their dogs Poop! Despite signage, Poop Bag stations and disposal sites, peer pressure, fines, and common sense, Pet Owners seem to be too Pooped Out to pick up after their dogs.

These Poop Progressives feel that it is ok for their dogs to poop in your yard but not here’s. One of my neighbors caught a pet walker allowing their dog to poop by his front yard lamp post. They then just went on their merry way. The neighbor grabbed the poop using a plastic bag and then threw it into the violators yard. Oh, my did the Poop hit the fan. A Sherriff was called and threatened to give the Pooper Picker Upper a ticket! Eventually, the Poopin Peers agreed to disagree, and no ticket was written.

Pet Poop can spread diseases, parasites, burn the grass, stink, and create landmines for walkers, bikers, mowers, and kids. No one enjoys stepping into Pet Poop.

The solution is simple. Pick up your Poop! This also includes Campers and hikers and their People Poop. At least dig a hole, cover it with some rocks, or logs. 

For Pets Poop, carry some of those grocery store plastic bags. Two are better than one. Use the bag like a glove and grab your pet’s pile. Tie a knot in the bag and dispose of it. If the pet area has a poop deposit can, use it. Other neighbors do not mind you throwing a poop bag into their trash can rather than their yard.

What is the idea with hikers that hang their bagged poop along the trail or place it by the trails edge? This makes no sense. You can also find used diapers in similar locations. Its like, Nature is so lovely and special, so let’s decorate the wonderful, wild place with used diapers and bags of poop! 

I must admit that when I observe Pet Pooper violators, they are usually men. Other violators are so busy with their cell phones that they have no free hand to navigate a poop bag, so the poop remains, and they continue to Twitter rather than deal with their Shi–er.

The other trick is to train the dogs to venture into the Tall Grass. The pet now has some privacy. The poop is now in a non-traveled area, off the walkway or trail. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Just remember that you may not want to venture into the Tal Grass. It may also be mined!

Please Poop Properly and Responsibly!

Montana Grant

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