Pre-Fishing with Montana Walleye Governor’s Cup MC
By angelamontana

Posted: July 6, 2022

The Captain fished with Governor’s Cup MC, Joe Herbold, from Jordan, on Tuesday. It was a productive day for big fish. They caught four walleyes over 27 inches that they put back and a couple of 18-20 inch fish for eating.

They were fishing 18-20 feet deep and pulling bottom bouncers with some “Old School riggs” like perch-colored hatchet blades, orange-colored hatchet blades and even a willow spinner. They even pulled out the crawler harness.

Riggs were tipped with a leech or a crawler. Sixty percent of the fish were caught with leeches.  Yesterday, Old School was good to them.  Today, it might be a new school rigg with smileys and beads.

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