By Montana Grant

Posted: July 7, 2022


Hikers, bikers, joggers, and trail explores all appreciate a proper trail. They do not want to climb over logs that have fallen across their path. Erosion, rocks, trash, and branch clearances does not just happen on its own. 

Many of our trails are managed and maintained by volunteers. These folks also appreciate a proper trail. After spending many miles enjoying these pathways, they come back and pay their toll. We have all seen the massive logs that were cut, branches that were trimmed, stream crossings that were prepared, and trash free paths. 

Greg Beardslee and his wife Kathy are a couple of behind the stumps warriors that keep the local trails open. Both are avid bikers. They also use their bikes to haul saws and tools to keep their beloved trails clear and safe. Greg has a custom chain saw carrier that he hauls cutting tools and fuel to remote areas. When they encounter a barrier, the saw comes out and they clear the obstacle.

Bikes allow the Beardslee’s to cover and clear many miles of trails. Not all logs are small and easy. Montana has some monster trees that blow down in the wind. It may take two to roll these big busters to the side. The pictures show them in the Hyalite Lake area. 

Greg and Kathy are also members of other outdoor and bike clubs that do the same. Bikers understand the importance of keeping the trails open and safe. These trail users understand the value of a safe and clear trail. They also pick up any trash that they come across. Our trails are in good hands with volunteers keeping them clear. We should all take their example and share in picking up trash, clearing debris, and enjoying Montana’s trails together!

Thanks for the this Back breaking and important job!

Montana Grant

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