Anglers can get $10,000 by catching a record smallmouth bass
By angelamontana

Posted: August 10, 2022

If Montana offered $10,000 for you to catch a record smallmouth bass, would you start targeting smallies?

Well, New Mexico is doing just that at Elephant Butte Reservoir.  They have a $10,000 bounty on a record smallmouth bass that exceeds the current record of 7lbs 3oz!  There is a website where you can RSVP to participate in this event to get the $10,000 for the record smally.  It all started on May 1st and ends on September 30th, and there are restrictions including that the fish must be caught during daylight hours and are to be weighed on a certified scale at Butte General Store with witnesses from Butte General or Chamber Officials.

There is an official scale in Elephant Butte, at Butte General. Once you leave the park turn right towards the city of Elephant Butte head down Butte Blvd (HWY-195) until you see a gas station and that’s Butte General. Take your Prize fish into the store and have them weigh your catch. If its over 7lbs 3oz go fallow this link to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and fill out the application for qualifying a NM record fish. Good Luck and Happy Fishing!!

Anglers can RSVP by clicking here:

Make sure you check out the rules and follow the state’s and the waterbody’s fishing regulations if you plan to attend.

Would you participate in this if it were in one of Montana’s lakes or reservoirs?  Let us know if you have ever caught a record fish!

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