By Montana Grant

Posted: August 21, 2022

Black can be the perfect camouflage. Certainly, if you are stealthy night hunter or Ninja, black camo is the right color. For hunters and fishermen, camo is also important.

Fishermen wear camo but it needs to match their background, or what is behind them. From a fisheye view, this means blur to match the sky, green to match trees, and brown/ gray/ earthtones to match rocks, hills, and landscapes. Black camo is not a good angler choice unless you are night fishing. 

Hunters may not want to wear Black Camo when in a tree stand or still/ stalk hunting. Since critters see only Black and White, Black can really stand out when in Nature.

Black is the perfect color camo when in a ground blind. The dark, shaded confines of a ground tent or box means that Black will perfectly hide shape and movement. There are some down sides to black colored camo. On hot days, Black absorbs heat, and you will be hot. When antelope or open plains hunting, the temperature can get heated. Maybe carry a cool misting fan bottle. 

Match your camo to fit your needs!

Montana Grant

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