Canyon Ferry Pig
By angelamontana

Posted: August 15, 2022

Timm Twardoski was recently fishing for walleye at Canyon Ferry around the Hellgate area in about 30 feet of water.  It was a nice day with a clear, blue sky.  He was only fishing with 10lb fluorocarbon fishing line, and when he got a bite, he thought it was a “pig of a walleye” at first.  However, it started head shaking and running, and not like a trout.

Twardoski was by himself,  and the fish would not fit in net, so he leaned over with pliers to get it in.  It ended up being quite a pike, and it took a long time to get in the boat, and he had a lot of fun doing it!  Before this day, Timm had never caught a pike in deeper water like that.

Excellent catch, and what a great memory!

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