By Montana Grant

Posted: August 14, 2022

Fresh summer corn is in season. A wonderful, white, or sweet corn hybrid is a tasty side for every cookout. Important ingredients include salt, pepper, butter, or other add ons. This means more mess and things to put out on the table. There must be a better way. 

Try making a Corn Bath that already has everything that you need. Use a pot with enough water to cover the cobs. Add stick butter, a cup of milk, and your spices. I prefer Old Bay seasoning, but salt and pepper will do. Allow the corn to sit on your grills side burner and simmer. The corn is ready to serve and already buttered and spiced.

Many corn lovers serve their corn with cute little corn forks and plastic boats. These work well but means more clean up. The forks also seem to rust, rot, and break easily. Instead, try using wooded sticks to serve the corn. If the cobs are huge, cut them I half. Now they are more manageable, especially for kids.

You can also grill the corn with the sticks inserted. The trick to not burning the sticks is to soak them in water first. Wet sticks will not burn. Rotate the corn as they grill. Grilled corn is also good if you cut the corn off the cob and serve it atop salads or side dishes. 

Another way to grill the corn is to leave the husk intact. First pull the husk back and remove the corn hairs. Fold the husk back in place and soak in water. The water will keep the husks from burning and provide moisture to steam the corn cobs. Once done, pull the husks back and use as aa handle to eat the cobs. You can dip into a shallow dish of melted butter and spices.

I have had corn with cheese and other toppings. Usually, the toppings get burned or over cooked. Add the toppings at the end or when serving.

Left over corn is a great treat later. You can always cut the corn off the cob and add to other dishes. A quick microwave heat up will also make corn great again. Left over corn is perfect for soups and salads.

Summer corn can also mean more corn bugs. Caterpillars and other bugs enjoy corn too. Inspect the cobs before cooking and serving. Cut out/ off any cooties. I also rinse off corn and husks before grilling and serving, just in case.

Enjoy your Corn!

Montana Grant

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