By Montana Grant

Posted: August 11, 2022

Fishermen love to dress their best when on the water. Open waters and unshaded waters can reflect and allow too much sun to ruin the angler’s day. Sunburn, skin cancer, eye damage, and just discomfort can result. 

Recently, I have started seeing younger fishermen wearing hoods and face masks to keep their skin pretty and undamaged. Younguns like that Gangsta Fisherman look. One of fishing buddies was a member of the French Foreign Legion. His service in harsh environments made his skin more susceptible to cancer and damage. He always wore light, loose-fitting gear and face masks, along with gobs of suntan lotion.

Most Old Fart Fishermen have already been abused by the sun. In our time on the water, you just toughed it out. We certainly wear cool hats, and maybe some lotion, but facemasks and hoods were not in our nature. Anyone wearing a hooded shirt was hiding something or maybe a robber. Hooded anglers might be trying to steal our favorite fishing spots.

Orvis and Simms have designed a couple new hoodie style fishing outfits that even us Baby Boomers might wear.

ORVIS    Their Pro Sun Hybrid Hoodie offers great protection from the sun. The Polartec Power Dry knit fabric keeps the fisherman drier and cooler. Vents in the armpits and back keep the sweat evaporating, which cools the skin. The UPF50+ sun blocker is great for outdoor exposed conditions.  They are cut to look and fit good. Extra-long sleeves and length protect more of you. A Chamois material at the cuffs, keeps sweat off the hands. Two zippered pockets can hold a phone or fly box. The shirt/hoodie is only available in marine green. ($139.

SIMMS    This Big Sky Country company has also makes a Solarflex Guide Cooling Hoodie. Their thoughtful design and technical flexible fabric offer comfort, protection, and good looks. This new fabric wicks away moisture, is fast drying, and cooling. The hoody is designed to stay in place and offer head and face protection from the wind and sun. Snaps and a gaiter hold the hood securely. The gaiter can also be pulled up to cover the nose, mouth, neck, and ears. The sleeves and cut are much longer and can also cover your knuckles. A thumbhole holds the sleeves in place. Zippered Pockets can hold cameras and fly boxes securely. The overall camo look is also a unique design. ($120. 

Don’t forget to wear great polaroid glasses to see the fish and finish off your new stylish look!

Montana Grant

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