By Montana Grant

Posted: August 20, 2022

If you are not confident with your Pickup Lines, stay home. Try making calling invitational. Rocky Jacobsen, owner, and designer of Rocky Mountain Game calls taught me the importance of having faith in your calling. The whole point of calling is to invite the critter in close for a hook up. Calling to just say you called is a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

Bull elk, big bucks, antelopes, moose, and gobblers are looking to find a date. Invite them by making your calls sexy and exciting. Your calls should have a purpose and meaning. Instead of your calls saying, “here I am, come over now”, maybe be more inviting. “Here I am, and I am looking fine, and you sound wonderful! You do this by mixing your calling up. Here are some Pick Up Lines to help your invitation get more confident and accepted.

Call Locations    Topography, wind, cover, and position are important. You wouldn’t call for a date when in the bathroom of a bar. Get on the dance floor. Closer means less volume, and more personality can be put into the call. Also look for shooting lanes, trails to reposition, direction the bull will approach from. Getting a response from down the road is not as promising as getting a response from across the room. Call close and with a plan and purpose.

Wait for a reply    Responses are not always instant. The bulls are thinking. Many of these boys have been burned before. They do not want another heartbreak. Sometimes the silent treatment is the response. Shy boys will sneak in to look and see first. They also may make very soft replies since they are unsure and shy. The response may not be what you expect.

Use multiple calls    Don’t just be one sexy cow, be several. A horny Bull may feel the need for an orgy, not just a date. 

Sound and Volume matter     Use your bedroom voice. This means soft and sexy. Screaming and yelling frightens potential partners. Different calls also add different pitches and interesting voices. Using an amplifier tube helps broadcast and direct the call. It also sounds more like the real deal. Record your calls from in front of you. Calls sound different 20 yards away than from where you are calling. 

Practice to develop confidence      Find a mentor to learn from. Listen to elk in the wild and mimic their calls. Learn from your mistakes. Rocky Jacobsen sells wonderful recordings of real critters, calling, and how to call. Rocky Mountain Game Calls are the best and are the vocal lingerie you need to get lucky!

Learn to use a diaphragm call       Use Rocky’s instructional video to practice using his brand of diaphragm calls. They are the most comfortable, come in several styles, and work well with his amplifying tubes. Everyone on the mountain has a Hoochie Mama squeeze call because they can’t use a real call. 

Calling needs to tell a story!     Bulls only hang out with cows for a few weeks each year. They are not there to socialize and help with the babies. Testosterone is their shot of whiskey and confidence. When you are in the bedroom, softly invite them over to your location. Sexy, soft, smooth, sweet, and inviting.

Call with confidence!

Montana Grant

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