Lake Mary Ronan State Park reopening Wednesday morning
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: August 9, 2022

KALISPELL — Lake Mary Ronan State Park is reopening the morning of Aug. 10 after a wildfire forced its closure in the past week.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks staff consulted with the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team led by John Thompson and jointly determined it was safe to reopen the state park and resume normal operations at the site, including camping.

The Elmo 2 Fire has been burning in the area, but fire crews have made significant progress in containing it in recent days. Evacuation orders were lifted for residents along Lake Mary Ronan Road west of Dayton Creek Road. This area remains under pre-evacuation warning and open to residents and guests only. Speed limits on Lake Mary Ronan Road are reduced to 35 miles per hour. Camp Tuffit/West Shore Road remains under evacuation order and is closed to all traffic.

FWP is grateful for the efforts of fire crews who have worked hard to suppress the Elmo 2 Fire.

For more information on the Elmo 2 Fire, contact the fire information line at (406) 818-5200 or visit

FWP urges people to use caution while they are out recreating due to dry conditions and fire dangers. A majority of wildfires in Montana are human-caused. The leading causes of fire escapes are debris burning, escaped campfires, and lawn/farm equipment.

Learn more about wildfire prevention and the latest information on fires in Montana at

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