By Montana Grant

Posted: August 25, 2022

Montanans are proud of their rides. Whether they’re on a motorcycle, a truck, or in a boat, their “coolness” is often in full display.

Today I went the local grocery and met Dean. This Montana Motorhead added some great Coolness to his ride. He has racked up many miles on his Elk Antlered ride. His 5×5 matched sheds work perfectly to protect his bike and body. 

This is Dean’s second set of elk antlers. His first set were broken in a Belgrade crash. Thanks to these custom safety accessories, Dean walked away from the crash.

I meant to ask Dean what sound the horn makes. A shrill Elk Bugle would sure turn some heads. 

Montanans love to be creative and improvise. It’s fun making their personal rides special and unique, just like the folks that live in Big Sky Country.

My only suggestion is not to ride this antlered bike off road during rifle season.

Montana Grant

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