Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission meets Aug. 25
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: August 25, 2022

Link to hearing info :

Commission Meeting Agenda
Location: Montana State Capitol, Room 317 and virtually via Zoom
Date: August 25th, 2022
Time: 8:30 a.m.
The commission meeting will be held in person at the Montana State Capitol in room 317, and
broadcast live through MPAN, YouTube, and Zoom. The Commission will take public comment
on agenda items in person and via Zoom for registered commenters. If you wish to make a
comment via Zoom, registration will open on Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ website https:// by noon on August 17 and close at noon on August 24. The Commission Chair will
call upon registrants by name to comment. When called upon to comment, please click the
“raise hand” button on the Zoom screen or dial *9 if participating by phone. You will be
notified when you have been unmuted. Before making your comment, please state your
name, city, and the organization you are representing if applicable.
8:30 a.m. – Call to order
• Call to order and pledge of allegiance
• Approval of minutes of past commission meetings
• Approval of commission expenses
• Commissioner reports
• Director’s office report
Director’s Office
• Pheasant Releases for R3
Parks and Outdoor Recreation
• Amend ARM 12. 11. 6705 Extending Implementation Date of Madison River Commercial Use Cap
NOTICE: The Commission may take action on all matters specifically noticed on this agenda.
Extensive opportunity is provided for public comment on hunting, fishing and trapping regulations. As a matter of equity for citizens who cannot attend
Commission meetings, when making final decisions on these regulations, the Commission will not open public comment unless a significant
amendment to the tentative proposal is brought forth by the Commission or Department. Comments will be limited to the amendment only. The
Department ensures its meetings are fully accessible to persons with disabilities and if special accommodations are needed, please contact the Director’s Office
at 444-3186.
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• Classification Review Committee’s recommendation on classifying caracal cats as a prohibited
• Final adoption of motorized boating restrictions on the Boulder River as proposed by the Boulder
River Citizens Advisory Committee
• Selection of Organizations to Auction 2023 Moose, Sheep, Goat, Mule Deer and Elk Licenses
• Drought update
• Future FisheriesImprovement Program decision on funding proposed
projects from the FFIP Board
• Amend Angling Restriction and Fishing Closure Administrative Rules, 12.5.507 and
Land and Water
• Big Snowy Mountains WMA Land Project, Region 5
• Cornell Park Fishing Access Site Acquisition (Region 3)
• Sha Ron FAS Site MDT Recreation Permit (Region 2)
• Fall 2022–Winter 2023 Furbearer and Wolf Trapping and Hunting Seasons and Quotas
• Approval of Request to Translocate Sage-Grouse to Alberta, Canada, in 2023
• Nongame Check-off Workplan
• Amendments to ARM 12.9.1403 Grizzly Bear Demographic Objective for the Northern Continental
Divide Ecosystem
Public Comment for Items Not on this Agenda


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