By Montana Grant

Posted: August 4, 2022

Grill masters are always looking for a new something to grill. Try taking a leek and putting it on the grill. Roasted leeks become beautiful, caramelized, buttery, and have a mellow, almost sweet flavor. Leeks are a perfect side dish for fish and meats. 

Leeks are an item that is easy to grow in the garden. Allow them to grow until they produce a bulb that is about 1 ½ to 2 inches in size. Pick them and trim the top back. Allow a few inches of the top to stay with the bulb. Leeks are available at most grocers and farmers markets. 

Here are some grilling ideas!

Leeks with Blue Cheese sauce

Roasted Leeks with Olive Oil and Parmesan

Foil wrapped leeks in Butter and spices.

The trick to grill Leeks is slow and low. Place the rinsed Leeks into a baking dish or foil pack. I trim the tops off but leave a couple of inches closer to the bulb. Add some flavored olive oil or butter to the dish. Salt and pepper are to taste. You can also add some beer or water. This will help to steam the Leeks. Cover the dish with foil or wrap up the pack. 

Once the Leeks are soft, and fall apart, use a sharp knife to cut into bite sized pieces. Cutting the Leeks at an angle looks nicer. Now you can add the Bleu Cheese crumbles or other flavors. Allow the cheese to melt and serve. Placing some breadcrumbs over top will add more flavor and texture.

Leeks will surprise you. They taste nothing like they look. You would expect a strong onion flavor. The buttery sweet taste will be a welcome addition to other grilled goodies.

Leeks are a simple and tasty way to enhance your grilling entrees.

Montana Grant

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