By Montana Grant

Posted: September 1, 2022

You only get one pair. Eyes that you are born with last a lifetime if you care for them. Recent studies are showing that our next generation of Sportsmen are losing vision quality sooner and more often! Kids are needing glasses at a younger age than ever before. 

Outdoor folks wear eyewear for many reasons. Sunglasses protect from the sun or just look fashionable. For lazy sunglass folks, the lenses can change shades as the light changes. Welders, workers, and water sports often wear eye protection. 

 Hunters and shooters wear shooting glasses. Not only do they enhance the sight picture, but you can also help your dominant eye. Fishermen wear Polaroid glasses to see into the water and have a magnifier to help tie knots. All glasses help keep bugs, rocks, grit, and grime out of your eyes.

It looks like the newest generation of sportsmen, and women, will be at a disadvantage. Kids between 13-16 have seen an increase in need for prescription eyewear. They are becoming short sighted, have more eyestrain, and blurred vision. In the past 10 years kids needing glasses has increased from 20% to 35%.

The study done in England by the Scrivens Optician Company blames the increase on Too Much Screen Time. Focal length becomes conditioned to what the eye is most often seeing. Video games, computers, Twitting, Tik Toking, Facebooking, and other near vision required headgear are taking their toll.

They also have blamed Climate Change and increased Solar energy changes. It would be interesting to look at kids that live near water and are exposed to more reflected light. Are kids near the equator impacted since they get the most light. Many other parameters could also be a cause.

Nevertheless, does this mean that Future fishermen will have trouble estimating fish sizes? Will hunters no longer be able to be more accurate shots? Can hunters guesstimate the size of an elk or deer’s racks?

One fact that can be proven is that quality of life is improved with eyesight. Kids grades improve when they get proper eyewear. Marksmanship also is reliant on clear vision. It is important to get annual vision checkups. Kids also need to wear eyewear to protect their eyes from damage. Eyewear is so inexpensive that everyone can afford it. Some regions have great plans to support youth needs.

If all kids need to be a better shot, fisherman, or observer is a decent pair of glasses, then that’s a no brainer!

Big Sky Country = Big Eye Country!

Montana Grant

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