By Montana Grant

Posted: September 18, 2022

Hunting is hard. It is harder to find great hunting partners. For many hunters, their family and kids fill in the gap. Sadly, many of them choose to no longer hunt as they age. Now the veteran hunter must hunt alone.

Hunting alone is dangerous. Life is safer and easier with a trustworthy and respected partner. Having a friend watching your back and sharing intimate moments is so much more fun. Like a marriage, not all partnerships last. It is harder to replace a great Hunting partner than a girlfriend or wife.

Hunting partners are not just company. They share and take part in the hunt. There may be times when the partner saves your life or at least keeps you healthy. The stories, memories, and adventures are priceless. 

Hunting means hours and hours travelling, afield, and communicating. Intimate stories and moments are shared. Each partner has seen the best and the worst of their companion. The moment of triumph or the agony of defeat. Discussions on everything from politics, the world’s problems,

Tempers can fly, tears may flow, words may be exchanged but great hunting partners can endure and excuse. If hunting partner need evidence to Blackmail their friend, it probably exists. Forgiveness can be a challenge but is worth the effort.

Never take a quality Hunting Partner for granted. Honesty, trust, respect, safety, patience, and consideration are important. Hunting partners are good hunters alone but great hunters together. Each hunter has their strengths and weaknesses. Some partners are better cooks, others great shots, nurses, camp masters, drivers or… Appreciate and be thankful for what they bring to the relationship.

Just because hunting partners are great friends does not mean that the spouses appreciate the pairing. Sadly, jealousy, anger, and greed could also be at play. The spouse wants and needs their time and attention too. It becomes easier to blame and become angry at the hunting partner than their own. Competition for attention can ruin great friendships.

Old hunting partners are even more at risk. Old hunters have all the toys, skills, experience, and desire but health and aging handicap being able to hunt. Old hunters also die or physically can no longer head out afield.  Hunting alone becomes too risky. Finding other old hunters is tough.

Sadly, not all great hunting partnerships end well. Usually jealousy, access to land, or in family problems take over. Somebody went behind the others back, the wife finally gave an ultimatum, or the friendship just ran its course.

Hunting partners that have your back, work together, and have fun make tag less hunts better. Each hunting season is one less.

Make sure that your hunting partner is appreciated.

Montana Grant

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