By Montana Grant

Posted: September 10, 2022

Hunting and fishing never get old. We always want one more cast, and one more sunrise. We never catch enough fish, tag enough critters, or have enough opening days.

 Hunters and fishermen get old. Sadly, every season is one less. We spend a lifetime gathering gear, memories, and experiences. Our skills improve and we nearly master our sport. Then, we get old. For a few years we find ways to modify the days. Buddies help us get closer and stay longer but Father Time makes each season harder. 

Fishermen anticipate one more bite. That fleeting moment when the fish nibbles is so addictive. The feeling you get in your fingers when you know something is on the line. When you set the hook and feel the fish fight, you get even more excited. Next, it’s time to reel in the fish so you can feel it all over again.

Hunters sit alone in a tree, blind, or ridgeline for days months waiting for a moment of excitement, when the big buck, gobbler, bull, or flush arrives. The sight of antler, feathers, and fur is amazing. We never get enough.

The moments are what we wait for. Everyone’s first fish or critter becomes a clear and focused memory. These moments are branded into our souls.

Just one more can’t hurt!

Montana Grant

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