Bitterroot River Fishing Report by Kingfisher Fly Shop 10.13.22
By angelamontana

Posted: October 17, 2022

Conditions on the Bitterroot River have improved a lot from the intense heat of the early summer. The flows are up to 350 CFS with great opportunity for streamer fishing under those large cut banks and logjams. The brown trout are still moving up the river systems and are not necessarily holding in the usual places. Make sure to duty cast at any depth or area of structure to find those hidden fish. Don’t just assume that because the water doesn’t look all that deep to you from above that there might not be a lurking bruiser. The bug life this week has been somewhat spotty of late, but the tricos are still hatching in the mornings, and pseudos seem to be pretty consistently abundant throughout the rest of the day. Many fish are feeding on nymphs in the middle of runs and aren’t just tucked up close to the banks as one might expect. Don’t allow your preconceived notions of good holding water keep you from casting at the odd structure you may encounter. Enjoy the fall with these beautiful blue bird skies and crisp mornings. Rain, cold, and snow are on the horizon. Soon there will be ample excuses not to get out, so don’t allow yourself to miss out while the getting is good.

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Photo credit: The Kingfisher
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