By Montana Grant

Posted: October 30, 2022

Fall is a wonderful time to fish. Not only are the leaves turning color, but early snow will also cover the Mountaintops, water is cool, and fish are hungry. Taking a beautiful picture is easy.

Brown and Brook trout spawn in the Fall which means that their colors are at their spawning brightest. Rainbows are always around to feed on eggs and whatever floats their way. Like Bears, fish need to fatten up before a long, cold Winter.

Changing leaves are beautiful until they fall into the water. Now they become a nuisance. Be patient as you unhook countless leaves. Fish will continue to feed around the floating debris. They also will congregate under mats of logjammed leaves. Barbless hooks will help shake off leaves and make snagging them a little easier.

What is nice about Fall fishing are the sparce crowds. Most tourist fishermen have left the area. Hunters are pursuing Big Game and other quarry. Fall fishermen often have the waters to themselves.

Enjoy the peace and splendor that Fall fishing offers!

Montana Grant

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