By Montana Grant

Posted: October 29, 2022

Every hunter and fisherman are searching for their perfect trophy wife. It’s hard enough finding a good hunting and fishing buddy, let alone a wife. Not all women are tag worthy. Many fishermen may have filled some limits, but many were Catch and Release or just throw backs.

Montana Grant tagged his trophy and here are some of his secret tips on how he did it!

Success is about presentation. Whether a buck chases a doe, a bull chases a cow, a rooster chases a hen, or a boar chases a sow, it’s all the same.

Big pheasants display big tails, colorful cheeks, and they cackle a lot. Big bucks and bulls have massive racks and pee all over themselves. Big boars just take what they want and eat their young. Gobblers gobble and demonstrate great dance moves to attract a hen. What mate could resist?

There are some proven Montana Grant tips to start your hunt for the perfect life partner. 




                EYE CONTACT…. then

Once you have their attention it’s time to bring out the big guns. Now pull out your call and demonstrate an elk bugle. Next, unzip your Artic Creel and show her a huge trout.

If you think the target is still reluctant, take her to the shooting range. Take her fishing. Riding is awesome too. Maybe a horse, bike, wheeler, boat, or truck. Cook her a meal over a fire. Share a campfire with a special drink and some S’mores.

Just be your best and most honest self. If you do, you will soon be pulling out some duct tape and tagging her for life. A nice boat, property, a great hunting dog are also perks.  If they still aren’t committed, oh well. Take another cast or hunt another spot.

Oh, and by the way, the same is true for women, except vice versa!

Montana Grant

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