Grizzly bear vs. Bison at Yellowstone National Park
By angelamontana

Posted: October 6, 2022

Last year, footage was recorded at Yellowstone National Park of a grizzly bear killing a young bison.  It was quite a video for onlookers.

Here is the caption:

Footage from Sunday, May 31, 2020, at 2pm, near Grand Prismatic Overlook trailhead parking area between Biscuit and Midway Geyser basins. Shot on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and edited on iMovie. This amateur video and photo compilation is about our day trip to Yellowstone and especially our experience seeing a Grizzly Bear attack a young Bison.

So grateful for the opportunity to see this first hand with my family. Not looking for any awards for my cinematography, editing, sound, effects, score, spelling, punctuation or even grammar. But am happy to share with so many who have found this interesting too! For another perspective, Jackson Hole EcoTour Aventures naturalist, Tenley Thompson, re edited this with a very informative narrative. Check it out at:… We knew the bear was in the area, as we saw it near the road, less than a mile before turning into the parking lot for the grand Prismatic Overlook hike. While there was a steady flow of walkers, we carried bear spray and remained on the lookout for the bear the entire time.

We weren’t crazy about returning to find the bear so close, just beyond the opposite side of the small parking area. We didn’t even see it until we were at our vehicle. I was particularly relieved that the bear seemed more interested in the bison, so while very close to the car, we simply maintained what felt like a safe distance. Having lived nearby for decades not minutes, we certainly don’t want our actions or the appearance of our proximity to the animals to set any kind of bad example about approaching wildlife. The camera on this phone boasts a pretty amazing lens and zoom capabilities. So I was able to get all the shots from further than it may appear. The kids enjoyed watching safely from the sunroof of the car.

Thanks for the concern, just the same. Thanks too for all the feedback and comments on my spelling (loser v looser? Fat fingers for sure!). And thanks for the feedback on the music as well! Didn’t know that either would bring out such negative comments by a handful of complete strangers with so much time on their hands?! This was not made for them! Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix these and still keep the same link to the video. Plus to replace the music with the sounds of nature, I would have had to try to figure out how to edit in a bunch of fake nature noises to drown out all the wind noise. The allowable rights-free YouTube tracks seemed easiest at the time. Apologies to music lovers and lovers of natural sounds alike!

Also glad that the highlight of the day wasn’t the kids witnessing Daddy getting pulled over near Hardy Rapids for driving a little too fast! Thanks to the patrol ranger for the warning, the kids Junior Ranger badge/patch, and for not issuing me a speeding ticket! I’ll be more careful with the gas pedal and remind everyone that 45mph is the top speed in the park! Thanks for taking time to check this out.Thanks for leaving positive feedback and thanks for the informative comments.

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