By Montana Grant

Posted: October 2, 2022

Cooking at a camp means limited gear and selection. Hunters honestly will devour anything after a long and hard hunt. You can certainly dump out cans of Beef stew or other quick foods. A real Camp Chef offers more flavorful choices.

Carrying a full spice rack of flavor takes up too much space. An at home spice rack selection may include over 30 choices. At Camp, you can consolidate your selections by using blended and mixed spices.  You certainly need some salt and pepper, but here are some other flavorful suggestions that will meet most of your culinary needs.

Old Bay Seasoning    This ground blend of seafood seasoning goes with almost everything. It is especially good when making sauces. 

Italian Seasoning    This seasoning meets most of your pasta needs. Included in the mix are oregano, basil, red pepper, and rosemary. This mix is also tasty on meat dishes.

Montreal Steak seasoning    This mix is wonderful on meat and vegetables. Instead of needing several spices, this all-in-one seasoning is perfect. 

Garlic and Parsley blend    This store available mix adds the extra kick hunters enjoy. A little garlic goes along way. 

You may be able to find other fresh spices growing near your camp. Wild onion or chives can be diced up. Bay leaves or sage may also add a fragrant flair to the meal. Wild plants like Queen Anne’s lace, a wild carrot, and dandelions can be fried and make unique toppings and salads.

Everyone has a different taste so maybe toss in a bottle of hot sauce and ketchup those picky eaters.

Dinner is served!

Montana Grant

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