By Montana Grant

Posted: October 2, 2022


Peeing, taking a whiz, Number one. Draining the Pickle, taking a tinkle, or whatever words you use, means you must go. Humans are mammals and we do need to regularly mark our territory. Here are some ways to make your Tinkle Time easier and even useful.

Peeing in the wild is a learned skill. Mentors can be helpful. Personal Hygiene can be more efficient and simpler. Girls often have more of a challenge than boys. When we afield or just need a quick rest stop, there are some Tinkle Tricks that are helpful. 

Know the signs that you need to go! Coffee, water, and the sound of running water inspires Tinkle Time. When Nature Calls, answer.

Highway Peeing can get you arrested. Exposing private parts to passing cars is not a good idea. You need some discretion when choosing a pee site. When you gotta go, you gotta go! Older humans know this all too well. The next rest area is never close enough.

First Park safely off the roadway. Look for a bridge or forested area. The bridge structures and walls offer some privacy. Forests and bushes work well. Watch your step and beware of dangers. Most cars and trucks have two doors on each side so open both doors and use them for cover. You can use a Pee Jug or container if needed. Now you can dispose of any urine at the next pit stop.

Pee Jugs are useful. You can keep them handy at camp or in the truck. You need a jug that has a wide mouth. This helps prevent any poor marksmanship. Truckers use any bottle, container, or cup that they can find. Too often these Pee Bombs end up along the roadside. When camping, it may be a choice to pee while in your sleeping bag. Again, this is way easier for men and takes some technique, but you can relieve yourself without going into a dark forest at night. Bears pee in the woods too. Sprinkling the pee around the camping area will also discourage predators from getting too close. 

At a campsite, try to keep the Urine deterrent circle a few hundred feet away. Be discreet and mark your territory. Some camps offer more developed outhouses or potty tents. These end up needing maintenance to bury any waste bags. Again, Bury them away from camp in a decent hole.

Pee proudly and safely!

Montana Grant

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