Polson, MT Antelope Hunter Describes Hunt Opening Day
By angelamontana

Posted: October 10, 2022
Devin Huntley, from Polson, Montana, sent this to the Captain describing his opening day antelope hunt in eastern Montana:

“Saw a herd bedded down last Friday night and went back just before sunrise Saturday morning, around 6:30 AM and walked out in the field. Of course nothing was there :-). So I started walking and suddenly saw antelope on top of a ridge about a mile in front of me.  I decided to lay down in the middle of some dewey grass and wait for them to come. They decided to bed down about 800 yards where I was  and I was stuck with nowhere to go and soaking wet. Suddenly they got up and ran towards me. Then I noticed a large herd probably 15 to 20 coming from my right. I log rolled about 150 yards into a ditch and snuck forward to where I could get a shot. When I poked my head up they were of course gone. I then spotted them as they emerged from a small fold in the land. I couldn’t quite get above the grass line to get a shot so I decided to wait.   After about 60 to 70 minutes they wandered out into a flat area where I could get a shot at 392 yards, which for my gun is not a difficult shot.

I had about a mile and a half drag out as I forgot my game cart at home 🙂 imagine that!  Anyways it was wonderful as I also picked up a big doe around 3 o’clock so I’ll be heading back to Polson Sunday afternoon after  hunting some upland birds and pheasants.”

Super awesome work, Devin!  Congratulations!

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