Six-year-old’s birthday wish brings in trophy bull elk
By angelamontana

Posted: October 21, 2022

Holy moly!  Check out the size of the bull this six-year-old called in with just her voice and a cardboard tube!

Way to go, kiddo, and way to go, Dad, for raising em right!

Dada making all her birthday wishes come true 🤙🏻

Every birthday we let them choose an experience, this year she picked elk calling with dad 🥹

Born during elk season, first elk hunt at 4 weeks, and now a pro at calling🤙🏻 no reed, just a cardboard tube + lots of practice in camp 🏕

proud of you sweet girl, coolest 6 year old we know + we get to be your parents! Only 4 more years until you can hunt them yourself 😅😘


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