By Montana Grant

Posted: October 8, 2022


Kids can be great fishermen. The simple way that they approach catching a fish is wonderful. Once they learn a new trick, they remember it and take another cast.

My kids used to love catching their limit, maybe with a little help form Dad. Once their stringer was full, they would take the “Walk of Glory”! Both would parade down the shore, or road, where other expert fishermen were getting skunked.

Some Old Farts would grumble and groan while others would complement them on their success.

The smartest fishermen would ask them what they were using for bait! Kids will spill the beans and tell them every new trick that they learned. My son stayed with one old angler until he was hooked up, then netted the fish for him.

I have one buddy that owns the most expensive gear, vest, and everything fishing but can’t catch a fish in a hatchery. He looks the part and makes the effort but… The key to becoming a good fisherman is to ask questions. Then, remember the lessons that you learn. If a kid is filling the stringer, I will become their best friend.

Some fishermen are snobby about giving any advice. They want the whole lake or stream for their own getting skunked time. If they catch a fish, it is always bigger and better than yours. I find these snobs carrying fly rods. Bass and ice fishermen are the opposite. These anglers are happy to share advice and tips.

Fishing is not supposed to be about selfishness and greed. If that is how you are, find another sport. Fishers of Men are friendly and generous. Following the limits, regulations, and sporting rules are important for everyone to learn.

The Walk of Glory may be a little about bragging and showing off, but it is also about feeling good, satisfied, and happy!

Catch a Big One!

Montana Grant

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