Brett French reports: A different Yellowstone for Costner
By angelamontana

Posted: November 17, 2022

If you enjoy actor Kevin Costner’s work in the television series “Yellowstone,” you may appreciate a four-part series he hosts beginning Sunday. The streaming service Fox Nation will premier “Yellowstone One-Fifty,” a look at the nation’s first national park through the four seasons, as well as the scientific expedition that explored the area in the 1870s. Ferdinand Hayden led the group that included a variety of scientists as well as artist Thomas Moran and photographer William Henry Jackson. The reports, photos and art they brought back helped lead to the protection of the area the following year. The series traces the explorers’ route, while also detailing the challenges the nation faced at the time in terms of the commercialization of wildlands. It gives viewers an appreciation of how unique Yellowstone is, as well as how lucky we are that it was protected from becoming a large amusement park. For more, check out my story at

Written by Brett French | Outdoors Editor for the Billings Gazette
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