Fresno and Nelson Reservoirs Fishing Report by Brian Olson 11.11.22
By angelamontana

Posted: November 11, 2022

Both Fresno and Nelson Reservoirs iced over mid week. Ice conditions are poor, so take proper safety checks before heading out to fish. At the time of this report it is -2 degrees at my house so ice is being made. For ice fishing, if I am tip-up fishing, I prefer the Polar brand. I use 30# test freeze proof main line. I only use about 50’ of line on my rigs as about 35’ is as deep as I normally fish. I prefer fishing in 5’ to 20’. I only allow fish to take about 10’ of line, then stop them. In future posts I will explain how to stop them as well as more equipment used. Early ice can be the best ice fishing of the year but be careful. Do not become a statistic!

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