FWP News: Wolf trapping not yet open in occupied grizzly bear habitat areas
By angelamontana

Posted: November 28, 2022

HELENA – While wolf trapping season opened Nov. 28 in most parts of Montana, wolf trapping is not yet open in areas in or near occupied grizzly bear habitat.

Trapping in these areas, which includes sections of trapping districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, will start Dec. 31 unless opened earlier by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks due to evidence the majority of bears in these areas have begun hibernation.

Trapping is currently closed in the following areas in or near occupied grizzly bear habitat:

  • Trapping District (TD) 1;
  • TD 2 except for the area beginning at the Montana-Idaho border on US Highway 93 at Lost Trail Pass, then southwesterly, northerly and westerly along said border to Interstate 90 at Lookout Pass, then easterly along the northern boundary of Mineral County to its intersection with I-90, then easterly along I-90 to the first I- 90 bridge west of the Ninemile interchange, then southeasterly along said highway to the Rock Creek interchange, then south along Rock Creek Road to Eagle Creek Cable Crossing, then west on USFS Trail 215 to the Rock Creek-Bitterroot River Divide, then southerly along said divide to the Continental Divide (at West Pintler Peak), then southwesterly along said divide to the Montana Idaho border, then westerly along said border to Hwy 93, the point of beginning;
  • TD 3 except for the portion west of I-15 and south of I-90 and that portion north of I-90, north and east of state route 69, and east of I-15;
  • TD 4 except for the eastern portion (south and east of I-15–Hwy 87, east of Hwy 223 between Fort Benton and Hwy 2 at Chester, north of Hwy 2 between Chester and I-15 at Shelby, and east of I-15 between Shelby and the Canadian border); and
  • TD 5 west of US Route 310 and south of I-90.

To view a map of this area, click here.

For more information, including updates on the trapping season open dates for areas in or near occupied grizzly habitat, please see fwp.mt.gov/hunt/regulations/wolf.

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