By Montana Grant

Posted: November 12, 2022

Every angler has more than a limit of busted rods. Their rods usually ended up in the garage corner after being stepped on, cracked in a rolled-up window, broke when jerked too hard, or… It’s amazing how easy it is to bust your favorite rods.

The longer the rod, the more likely it will become broken. It’s just hard to fit a long rod into a truck or boat when you are in a hurry. Rod tubes and cases help but most rods get bent at the end of the day, when the angler is in a hurry to get warm or go to the bar. A few fast moments lead to a regretful accident.

Back in the day when I worked at a local Trout Shop, we had a rod rental program. Renters broke the rods. Most of the Reddington rods broke at the thick or handle end. For the warranty, we only needed a couple inch section with the rod info label, near the handle. The rest was trash. That meant that the top, 4.5-foot tips were fine. Instead of throwing them out, I made them into ice fishing rods.

It is not surprising that many anglers save their busted rods. I guess they were waiting for an idea on how to recycle them. Well Montana Grant is coming to your rescue.

Fix and repurpose your rods. At the very least you can strip off the guides and components to use on new rods or simple repairs.  Add new reel seat/handles and turn broken rods into ice rods. Check out YouTube videos on how to rebuild your rods. It’s easy!

Inspect and maintain your rods. Rods get dinged, scratched, and dirty. Water muck ends up on your rods and guides. Cork handles get chipped and discolored. You can service them easily for more fishing fun. Add a clearcoat to the rod blank to seal and fill in scratches and dings. Use a Q-Tip to inspect the guides. Any bur or nick will snag the cotton. If you must, replace the guides. You can also wax or polish the guides using a Dremel drill.

Add Protection for your rod. Make or acquire rod tubes and covers to prevent future. Keep in mind that new graphite rods vibrate when in tubes. Use a cloth cover to dampen vibration and protect the rod.

Rod Storage is important. Gravity is your friend. Hang rods from the tip top guide or build a rack on the wall or ceiling. This will keep the rods safe for more fishing fun.

If you bust up your favorite fishing rods, rebuild and reload!

Tight lines!

 Montana Grant

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