By Montana Grant

Posted: November 26, 2022

Christmas trees are a wonderful tradition. Back in the day, many of us looked forward to hiking a field in search of the perfect tree. Some were sad looking Charlie Brown trees. The smell of a real tree is wonderful. The quest was often the best part.

Today, many holiday revelers have fake, artificial trees. These made in China trees are made from plastic and wire. They get jammed and crammed into a box that must be stored during the off season. You can buy fake scent and smell like the real deal.

Safety is important when having a tree in your home. Fire is an obvious concern. Electrocution is also an issue, especially when little kids and pets are around. Real trees also leave a huge mess as they dry out.

The simplest idea is to have a Christmas tree on your flat screen TV. You can also turn on a campfire video while you open your gifts. Hanging a photo on the wall of a decorated tree will work too. 

Buying a live, balled/rooted, tree is a way to decorate and landscape. The trick is to dig your hole in the lawn ahead of time. Have extra dirt and mulch ready to go. Cover the hole until you are ready to plant the tree. A balled tree will do fine for around 2 weeks in the house, then it’s time to go out. The tree will remain dormant. Little or no water is required. After the holiday, place the tree in the hole and fill it in with good dirt and mulch.

So, if you hate killing a live tree, and want to save money this holiday, try some creative alternatives. Buying a fresh tree can cost around $100 or more. Be creative and put that money into gifts, a meal, or something fun.

Tree Pee    anyone can tripod up some logs, branches, oars, rods, or… Add some garland and lights, and you are good to go. Gifts can be placed inside the tree.

Fishing pole tree pees are especially cute. A small tent idea works well too. 


Antler trees have also become popular. 


Wood and logs    Once you have a center pole and base, you can attach just about anything. Antlers, logs, bottles, or… Theme the tree to your interests and hobbies. Once you add some holiday lights, all is good. 

Whatever type of holiday décor you prefer, make it simple, easy, and unique.

Happy Holidays!

Montana Grant

Whatever type of holiday décor you prefer, make it simple, easy, and unique.

Happy Holidays!

Montana Grant

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