By Montana Grant

Posted: November 19, 2022

Someone got off on the wrong foot in Yellowstone Park. Apparently a “FOOT” was found floating in the ABYSS POOL. This hot water geothermal feature is 56 feet deep and 140 degrees. A tourist apparently put his foot down, too close to the pool.

Many folks set foot in the park, but few tend to get their feet wet, in a boiling hot pool. We are all Footloose and fancy free when on vacation, but hot pools can make your toes curl.

Investigators have their feet on the ground as they try to determine the foot owners’ reason for his floating foot. This hot foot incident is certainly keeping park officials on their toes. No DIGITal images or footprints have been found. They are searching head to toe for an answer. Foul play and Cannibalism have been ruled out.

A DNA test determined that the foot belonged to a 70-year-old Californian. If we had to bet money on what state was most likely… anyway, II HUN RO, is the defeated foot owner. Apparently, he got off on the wrong foot and now must put his shoe on the other foot!

This ultimate hot foot is still being investigated. Park officials are not dragging their feet on this safety issue. No one saw the man put his foot down too close to the pool. He must have just put one foot in front of the other and will now no longer have both feet on the ground.

Getting close to hot springs seemed to be the man’s Achilles Heel. He is excited from his head, shoulders, knees, and just his toes!

 He is now one foot closer to the grave!

Montana Grant

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