By Montana Grant

Posted: November 5, 2022

Kirk Stovall, aka “Shrapnel”, and his family are dedicated hunters. They hunt hard and put in the time. They take pride in having the right gear, polished skills, and ethical and sporting practices. Filling tags each year means patience and effort.

Recently the Stovall clan went out to tag some elk. They still had a bull and cow tag to work with. Their friend Alex Chidester was invited along. Monday morning, they hit the local Custer Forest for a fun hunt. 

The Stovall’s are great about sharing and mentoring other hunters. Kirk often calls to invite Old Farts and friends to keep them company. “There are never too many sunrises and sunsets!” Shrapnel preaches. Kirk has instilled the love of hunting and the outdoors in his children, family, and friends. Their friends are family too!

The trio waded into a group of elk and 3 400-yard shots later, 3 elk were down. Shrapnel’s son Jesse tagged a bull along with friend Alex. Food for the family! This was also Alex’s first bull elk! A huge 6×5. One tine was almost big enough but was still a nub.  Kirk’s experience would now pay off as the hunters needed to get the critters home and to the processer. 

The Montana hunting traditions are alive and well in these Gallatin County natives. The memories and stories will be told around many campfires.

Congrats on a great hunt!

Montana Grant

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