Sydnee’s Whitetail Buck
By angelamontana

Posted: November 17, 2022

Check out this heavy central Montana 4×4 whitetail that is estimated to be a 140-150 class!  It was taken with a 338-378 Weatherby Mag at 868 yards after Sydnee Thomason, from Great Falls, had been chasing this buck and another one for two weeks!

It has been 15 years since she tagged a whitetail buck, as she was hunting with her dad on Thanksgiving morning back then. He has been gone for six years this December and she is “pretty sure he was smiling down on me.”
Sydnee isn’t done scouting, though, as she is still searching for the heavy 5×5 she saw for her younger sister, so she can tag her first whitetail buck!

Great work, Sydnee!

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