By Montana Grant

Posted: December 11, 2022

Dogs are a huge responsibility. Pups are a lot of work. There is training, chewing, potty work, kennel time, learning NO, and other things that seem to show up. Each pup is different and special. After a lifetime of pups, we become trained to know what to expect.

A month ago, we lost our girl Shelby. She would have been 11 in February, but kidney disease cut her life short. Shell was part GSP and part Golden Retriever. As a whoops dog, she was the best of both breeds. And no one wanted her. She was an amazing hunter and would point like a GSP. I never lost a downed bird when she was in the field.

When we learned that we would lose her, I took her pheasant hunting. What’s the worst that would happen? Shell hunted like a pup and found the birds as always. A swim in the Missouri River capped off her last day afield. We were thankful for the special time together.

Since Shelby has been gone, life has been harder. You find a toy or find things that bring back memories. You never get over losing a dog, but you get through it. Our other GSP, JAG, has been on the hunt for his sister. She showed him the ropes and kept him company. Jag is lonely too.

At some point, there needs to be more than healing. If you love dogs, only another dog can fill the void. I had reached out to look for a new dog. At first my wife wanted a mature female, then a rescue dog, then an adoption dog. Good luck. Sometimes a pup shows up when a pup shows up.

JAG’s Kennel owner reached out and offered another GSP from Gunner, the same sire. Jim Crane knows dogs and hunting. This Roundup, MT. resident, and kennel breeder, appreciates when his pups are well placed, loved, and hunted.

The new pup is named Buddy! He has Jag’s eyes and is 8 weeks old, and the last of a litter. Apparently, he is partial to the ladies so my wife may have the perfect Buddy. Shelby was my hunting dog but my wife’s girl.

Getting a new pup is always a risk. Do they get along with other dogs, do they bite, are they mean, will they hunt, are they healthy, do they like kids, etc. With a name like Buddy, I hope that he will be everyone’s friend.

Jag will have a brother and we will fill the hole that Shelby left, at least a little. Some folks never get over the loss of a dog. Others won’t have a pet because it might die, and they will be sad. I can’t imagine life without a dog in it. Two dogs are not much more work than one. A pair of pups are good company for one another. Hunting a pair of pups can be amazing. The memories, fun and joy far outweigh the grief when you lose them. If people gave as much love as dogs, they would have shorter lives too.

Welcome home Buddy!

Montana Grant

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