By Montana Grant

Posted: December 18, 2022

Fishing with Magnets has become a favorite pastime. Like using a metal detector, super strong magnets are used to locate metal under the water. Users attach the couple pound magnet to a cord and chuck it into a search area. As they slowly drag it across the bottom, any magnetic metal is retrieved. Tossing these heavy magnets does scare the fish away.

Hunters, fishermen, treasure seekers, and just curious humans love to seek and find. Sometimes their finds are historic. They also help to clear our spaces of trash, junk, and litter. Everything that they fish out of our lakes, ponds, rivers, and beaches has a story to tell.

So, what should you do with the “stuff” that you drag up? In some cases, knives, guns, swords, and weapons are discovered. They could have important clues that relate to a crime. It is always wise to report these finds to local authorities. Serial numbers, or other clues may help to solve a crime. Be careful if you find explosives such as old grenades, weapons, mines, and ammunition. Metal containers may also contain toxic chemicals.

Jewelry and treasures may have identifying initials and other key information on them to help them get returned to their owners. Rings, and other things may have been accidently lost. Recovery for sentimental reasons may be important. Historic items can tell an important story.

Years ago, before magnet fishing, I was scuba diving below a popular reservoir bridge. It was a place that I frequently fished, and I wanted to see what was below the surface. I saw a medium sized metal tackle box have buried in the silty bottom. I recovered it and brought it to the surface. When I opened the box, it contained ammunition, drug paraphernalia, and a 38-caliber revolver. The pistol could still have been used, if cleaned.

I went to the Police Dept. with my find. It turned out that the box belonged to a local drug dealer that had shot his competition. The body was found floating in the lake a few years earlier, but the case had remained unsolved. Other details found in the box led the Police to the drug dealer that committed the crime. Needless to say, I never received the contents back but did get a nice letter of thanks from the Police Dept. It was the right thing to do.

You never know what you may find. One magnet fisherman located treasure from Spanish Galleons, in Florida swamps. Another magnet fisher located an old, submerged sawmill and recovered the huge blades and gear. Many magnet men locate all types of metal. If the metal is just junk, at least it can be recycled.

It turns out that many weapons used in crimes are cast off bridges, docks, and boat ramps. Their hope is that the evidence will never be found again. Magnet fishermen have changed the rules. Police also use a variety of magnet systems to search for metal clues. It’s not always Finders Keepers.

I use a shop magnet to clean up local fishing access sites. These wheeled units pick up nails, staples, and all sorts of metal, including lost trout flies, hooks, and lures.

Opposites attract!

Montana Grant

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