By Montana Grant

Posted: December 15, 2022

Fishermen love to display their love of fishing. We tend to add fish spots, colors, and other artsy ideas onto our boats, trucks, and homes. Looking at fish art is just fun and enjoyable. Even my lawn tactor is painted with fish spots. It’s all in good fun and nets lots of comments. 

Years ago, I painted my Ro Drift boat in a trout finish. The camo-like look made the boat stealthy and unique. When I guided, clients would request the guide with the great looking trout boat. I also told folks that my boat also served as a giant trout decoy! 

Later, my wife painted our mailbox in trout spots. Folks can locate our house thanks to our one-of-a-kind mail catch. Even the mail lady commented on how it is her favorite mailbox.

The Trout mobile car at MT Troutfitters also shows the owners’ love of fishing and vintage rides. In Custer, SD, I also remember an old Ford Fairlane tricked out to look like a trout. It even had a dorsal fin on the roof.

Fishermen get fish tattoos, prefer fishing beers, wear fish shirts, and celebrate images of fish on many other things. No one wants to look like everyone else. Its Fishermen nature to bait and hook up differently. 

Screaming reels, bent rods, and lots of trout spots!

Montana Grant

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