Fishing Report for Fresno and Nelson Reservoirs by Brian Olson 12.2.22
By angelamontana

Posted: December 3, 2022

Ice conditions in the Havre area have been uncertain and I have no reports from Fresno or 1st Lake. Nelson Reservoir I fished on Wednesday.  It was a very cold -5 degree morning with a biting east breeze. I’m glad I had my entire winter gear with me because I needed it. Never the less the morning was a runner for me, I put my first tip up in 4’ of water, no bites there, then moved out to 10’. I could only get 5 tip ups total in because action was quick. In 1.5 hrs I caught 12 walleyes, released 7 but kept 5 between 17” – 19”. It was great but the cold was brutal so I quit while I was ahead. I fished the east shore along the park because access is quick and easy. At the hotel, the bar and restaurant is under construction to open in April. At this time they didn’t have minnows but hoped to have some soon so give them a call. For new tip up users be sure all your line is under water or it will freeze.

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