Moose harassed by boaters in BC
By angelamontana

Posted: December 23, 2022

Some Canadian boaters in British Columbia thought recording this video of one of the boaters jumping off the front of the boat and “riding” a moose for approximately 15 seconds and uploading it to social media would be funny.

According to an article by Jill Slattery via the Global News website, the men posted the video approximately seven years ago and were convicted and fined the following year.

Shortly after the video became public, B.C. conservation officers investigated and identified the two men. In June 2016, they were charged with three counts under the Wildlife Act, including harassment of wildlife with the use of a boat; an attempt to capture wildlife, and hunting big game that is swimming.

The men were convicted on Friday and fined $2,000 each and also ordered to pay an additional $2,000 to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.



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